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Gunpowder River Videos


Winter fishing is hard, no doubt about it. If it was easy the river would be lined with fisherman. However, with the right tactics, persistence, and technique, you can see success on the river. On this trip I netted a few wild Gunpowder River browns and a Rainbow using streamers and nymphs.

Sometimes winter trout fishing on the Gunpowder River can be brutal. However, sometimes, if the conditions and approach are right, they can be perfect! Thankfully, on this day it came together nicely. In this video I attack a few hundred yard stretch of stream in a two hour window. I had a chance at double digit fish, and they were aggressive for the dead of winter. Thanks for watching and hope you enjoy!

Who doesn't love snow, right? The Brownies of the Gunpowder River sure didn't mind a little snow. In this episode I throw a hand tied Half Pint Streamer to induce dozens of takes and quite a few fish.

The Gunpowder River is a top 100 trout stream, and a real gem tucked away not far from downtown. This tailwater fishery hosts many trout per mile and can be one of the most consistent fisheries in the state year round. On this trip I head out using a Mono Rig, including nymphs purchased from Lively Legz, in order to catch some wild Brown Trout. Thankfully a few were willing to bite on this beautiful fall day.

The Gunpowder River is a special place, and a top 100 stream. However, some of the streams feeding it, as well as smaller streams feeding those, are also good. It is never easy fishing them, and requires research, trial and error, as well as time on the water. This particular stream always tends to produce, if approached correctly, and provides some of the prettiest trout in the watershed. They may not be huge, but there are some big ones around, and if nothing else some pretty fish.

I only had a few hour window to fish the Gunpowder River prior to the Ravens game, where sleep had to be sacrificed to make it happen. Well that decision paid off with a successful trip bringing in a half dozen plus wild browns. The mop fly was the ticket on this early fall day. Tune in as I explain some ways to approach the stream!

After some tinkering with the Mono Rig, watching content on Youtube, and talking to some of the best in the game, it was time to explore higher water on the Gunpowder River with some Sculpin Streamers. This was one of my best days, in terms of moving, hooking, and landing, sizable wild brown trout on my home water. I have often said you are happy to land anything above 10 inches here. However, on this day, that was not the case, bigger was better!

Great day to be back out on the Gunpowder. I have two personal bests! Four drifts in a row with a fish hitting and my best Brown Trout out of this river, I believe tied in general too. Hope you enjoy!

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