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Mike Slepesky is a husband, father, teacher, and fly fishing fanatic. He started off, like most, fishing conventionally on spin fishing gear and using worms. As time went on, the next challenge was always what gave him the most thrill. Over time, he grew to be a proficient spin angler and targeted Large and Smallmouth bass in rivers, lakes, and ponds. As that obsession grew stale, the next adventure and challenge was trout, specifically on the fly rod. Since his first fish caught on the Gunpowder River, he has been hooked and fishes regularly in a variety of local streams and rivers. 


In 2018, Mike turned his hobby into an educational opportunity. He created the YouTube Channel "Tight Lining MD", which has grown to have more than 4,000 followers and over 200,000 views. In that time, he has shared tips, tricks, and techniques to help those who watch his videos. The mission for starting that channel was to help ease the learning curve of those getting into the sport, or trying a new way of fly fishing.

This determination and passion to educate naturally led him to guiding. With over 10 years of experience fly fishing, and likely thousands of hours spent on the water trying new techniques, it was now time to share that knowledge more personally with people on the waters. The goal of the guide service is to help people learn more about the wonderful world of fly fishing, show them new water, or a new way to approach it, as well as hopefully land a few fish. 






Mike Pendleton a Maryland Native and life time angler grew up fishing the lakes and rivers of Maryland and Pennsylvania. Mikes earliest memory is fishing poppers for bass with his father on the Shenandoah. 


Mike looked to push the boundaries of his angling and made the switch from conventional tackle to all fly when he was 18 years old. As a young adult he cut his teeth on one of many Central MD trout streams. Fly fishing has taken him abroad several times from Sea Run Brown Trout in Ireland, River Pike in Canada to combing the flats of Belize hunting Permit and Bonefish. Although well travelled he is always eager to be home on his cold Appalachia creeks. 


Contact or tightlining is Mikes preferred method of approaching a trout stream. Perfecting tactics and skills for nymphs, streamers and dries on a mono rig in the pursuit of wild Brown Trout is what he does. 

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