Tight Lining/High Sticking/Euro Nymphing can be difficult for people to master, and you are always learning. This course is design to lay a foundation of the core tenets of what a beginning angler should/needs to know in order to be successful:

  • Rod and Reel Selection

  • Leader Creation and Options

  • Knot Tying

  • Fishing 1 vs 2 flies

  • Reading the water

  • Wading and Approach and more!

Classes are held on the stream and include the use of fly rod, reels, leaders, tippet, and flies. Students should bring their own waders and boots. 

-3 hour class ($125 per student)

-Limited to 2 students. 



For Traditional Wade Trips the focus will be to teach "the basics" of fly fishing. We will review rod selection, reels, leaders, tippet, and fly selection. The day will be focused around casting techniques, reading water, hook setting, and fighting fish. This type of trip will allow clients to work with the industry-standard 9-foot, 5- weight rod. All traditional wade trips come with use of rod, reel, leaders, tippet, flies, etc. 

1/2 Day:  1 Person $200    2 People: $250

Full Day: 1 Person $300    2 People: $350


For Tight Lining Wade trips the focus is teaching the specific techniques that involve what is called "Tight Lining/Euro Nymphing". Here, clients will learn how to fish with a 10-foot 6 inch 4-weight rod. This will allow the angler to fish with great sensitivity, staying "in contact" with their nymphs/flies and learning how to fish in what is deemed to be one of the most effective ways to catch fish. The day will be focused around line control, getting a "dead drift" and getting your flies into the "feeding lanes" to catch more fish. All Tight Lining Trips come with a hand tied Euro/Mono Rig and 3 hand-tied flies to keep.

1/2 Day:  1 Person $225    2 People: $275

Full Day: 1 Person $325    2 People: $375


For Streamer Wade Trips anglers will be focused on presenting a larger profile bait in search of predatory reactions from larger fish. Although this style of fishing can be maddening at times, it can also yield some of the very best trout in a river system. During these trips anglers will learn how to effectively cast streamers, focus on staying in contact with the fly while retrieving, while also figuring out the best locations to hunt for these aggressive fish. All Streamer Trips come with a hand-tied Streamer Leader and 2 hand tied streamers to keep.

1/2 Day:  1 Person $225    2 People: $275

Full Day: 1 Person $325    2 People: $375

What is provided for all trips:

Rod, Reel, Tippet, Flies, all terminal tackle

What is not:

Boots and Waders

*You should have a MD License and Trout Stamp



The Gunpowder River is one of Maryland's true gems. It is a tailwater fishery. What this means is the river is created by a bottom release from the Prettyboy Reservoir. As a result of this bottom release, the Gunpowder River stays cold during the warmest summer days, and warm enough during the coldest winter days. The river hosts over 4,000 trout per mile in the best sections, though they are smart and wary. With good presentation, approach, and overall skill, they can be fooled and brought to hand. The river is primarily a brown trout stream with most fish in the 6-10-inch class. However, there are a good number of adult trout, and this is arguably the best fishery in the state. As a result, it is a top-100 trout stream in the U.S. Finally, the stream holds brown trout, rainbow trout, and brook trout, if you know where to look. 


There are some great streams in Maryland that unfortunately do not have access to the public. However, with permission from the landowners, some water can be fished to chase some of Maryland's most rarely-fished wild and native fish. A day on Private Water can almost guarantee you won't see another person while we fish, and give you a chance to fish a waterway you have never been on, or may never have known about. This unique experience can allow for a fun day on the water, where you will still learn a lot to apply to local favorite waterway. If you are interested in this option, use the "Contact Us" section and inquire about a trip! 


Small streams can be one of the easiest ways to find solitude. They require the utmost stealth, and it can be difficult to determine which streams may hold trout. However, Maryland has many good trout streams that see far less pressure than other waterways. A day on a local small stream is a good way to practice technique, catch fish that have seen fewer flies than other rivers, and sometimes surprise you with a trout of a lifetime. During a session on a small stream we will discuss where to look, why, and when.  If you are interested in this option, use the "Contact Us" section and inquire about a trip!