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  • Euro Nymphing: Tips Tactics and Techniques

Euro Nymphing: Tips Tactics and Techniques

Expected to be shipped by the end of January 2024.

This book was written by Josh Miller an accomplished angler, mentor, teacher, competitor, and now author. Here is a description of his book:


-Choose the right rod, reel, and line.

-Identify essential fly patterns that work best

- Get detailed instruction on casting and presenting your flies for the best drift and sight detection


Euro Nyphing, also called Czech Nymphing, is a broad term for a wide range of subsurface fly fishing techniques that rely on long leaders, light fly lines, and long rods. Because of the line lines, anglers can get better drifts, sink their flies faster, and detect even subtle strikes-- with proper technique. Fly Fishing Team USA member Josh Miller is one of the most successful guides and coaches teaching the method, and in his book he shares everything he knows about approach, presentation, and choosing the right flies. 

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